IOS 13 brings PS4 and Xbox One S controller support at last

Apple TV will support PlayStation and Xbox controllers

"With more personalized features to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, photos and music, expanded gaming support and stunning new screen savers, tvOS 13 delivers the most complete entertainment experience to everyone in the home". And that's not even mentioning upcoming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, which take more of a Netflix-style (or Apple TV+, if you prefer) approach, beaming your games out from the cloud.

And lastly, tvOS 13 introduces support for Xbox One and PlayStation controllers, allowing you to browse tvOS with your existing console controllers. It appears that a quick double click on the remote opens the Control Center to allow switching between users. This year's tvOS, due out this fall, adds support for multiple users and Apple Music, among other changes. The iPad is getting its own software titled iPadOS and will implement new features like a column view for better multitasking.

The company also highlighted a new scrolling lyric feature for Apple Music on Apple TV.

WWDC 2019 has a ton of exciting new things coming out, and tvOS 13 is one of them! tvOS 13 is here, and with all the latest and greatest updates that come along with it, we here at iMore have all the details about what comes along with the newest tvOS updates.

The Apple TV got a 4K overhaul in September 2017 and is now available for $179. Numerous games released in the past decade make heavy use of these buttons, so there's always an adjustment when one of those games makes the leap to an Apple platform.