IOS 12 Highlights - New Features with Privacy Changes

Apple WWDC 2018 launch iOS 12 iPhone SE

This new app is based on Workflow which Apple had acquired previous year. And Apple is serious about its AR efforts.

When Apple releases the new iOS 12 update, you'll be able to use the group FaceTime feature with up 32 simultaneous participants.

San Jose: To help parents manage screen time for their kids, Apple has announced new tools built into iOS 12 that will let them take control of the time children spend interacting with iPhones and iPads. In order to avoid going overboard, people will be able to set alarms reminding them when the time they allot themselves for an app is about to run out. Parents can also set App Limits on their kids by category or individual app, in case you want your kid to always have access to the Phone app, or educational apps, but want to limit their time in certain apps and websites.

"Equipped with this insight, you can make decisions about how much time you want to spend with your device each day". Although they don't have to have their child's device present, it's also possible to do so if it is, of course.

In a bid to reduce smartphone addiction among users, Apple has debuted a number of digital wellbeing features in iOS 12.

And the Arkit 2 platform, designed in collaboration with Pixar, will allow developers to create better AR apps for Apple devices and add AR functionality to long standing apps such as Messages, Safari, Mail, Files and News.

"[It] is interesting because Apple is trying to sell you the screen and trying to minimize it", said Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News" chief business, technology and economic correspondent.

iOS 12 will finally be revamping Apple's reviled notification system and granting users some ability to control them, including granular notification controls and bundled notifications. So, all the features of iOS 12 along with security upgrades will be available on the five-year old iPhone 5S as well. When you reach your time limit, and you likely will, the app screen will disappear and you'll see "Time's Up".

The feature is among the many changes Apple has brought to iOS 12. For Apple, it is easy to push software updates because it makes its own software and devices.