Intel Says Their New SSD is The World's Most Responsive


The company is looking to data-intensive tasks such as artificial intelligence to drive sales of processor chips and other products, and it is betting on 3D XPoint to make those products more attractive.

So what does Intel's new solution offer?

"With an industry-leading combination of high throughput, low latency, high QoS and ultra-high endurance, this innovative solution is optimised to break through data access bottlenecks by providing a new data storage tier".

How do these capabilities look in real world terms? It will be available in limited quantities, priced at $1,520 (approximately Rs. 99,384).

In theory, Memory Drive could benefit in-memory applications such as SAP HANA, but Intel said it is now in talks with SAP and other in-memory providers on ensuring those applications work properly with the technology.

Intel says the drive can achieve speeds of 2GBps even at low queue depths, whereas flash-based SSDs only work their best with a queue depth of 32 or more. But in addition to acting as a substitute for NAND for storage, the drive can also act as a main memory source in tandem with a server's DRAM.

Intel says that its Optane drives will automatically accelerate existing applications and claims that the P4800X will consume roughly 12-14 watts under a heavy load, which is slightly more power-efficient than competing high-end NAND solutions, as per #Intel2.

Intel argues that current storage approaches based on DRAM and NAND are contributing to the current datacenter storage gap, and that storage platform increasingly need to behave "like system memory". As a result, organizations will be able to use Optane to create large, cost effective "pools" of shared memory to enhance application and workload performance. The drive series is available now for $1,520 through an early ship program.

The first product in the Optane P4800X series comes with 375-Gb storage capacity in the form of an add-in card with both PCI Express and Non-Volatile Memory Express interfaces.

So what's the key takeaway here? On Sunday the corporation released its first high capacity Optane SSD drive; the DC P4800X with 375GB of storage.