In Latest About-Turn, Trump Says Human Activity And Global Warming Connected


This ideological U-turn follows a series of similar shifts of Trump's rhetoric after being elected.

The countries involved are keen supporters of keeping the global temperature rise this century under 1.5C - a target agreed during negotiations in Paris previous year.

President-elect Donald Trump told New York Times reporters and editors he would keep "an open mind" when it came to deciding whether or not to pull out of the United Nations global warming agreement. Their biggest problem? Trump himself vowed to "cancel" usa participation in the Paris Climate Agreement that was negotiated by nearly 200 countries late past year in order to push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the world, country by country.

More than 80 Heads of State and government took part in the high-level segment of the talks alongside UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, US Secretary of State John Kerry and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change boss Patricia Espinosa.

That's a significant shift from Trump's past statements that climate change is a "hoax" perpetrated by the Chinese to make US manufacturing less competitive.

Stephen Cornelius, Chief Advisor on Climate Change at WWF-UK said: "This COP is the first stop after Paris and it needs to cover and take up the issues to make Paris work and be implemented, so that is what it is doing". "I do have an open mind".

Unlike many countries which rely on fuel and coal for energy, the country's dependence on harnessing renewable energy resources, is according to him, help it to become the leading anti-climate change advocator in many platforms.

It seems unlikely that Trump - who has called global warming a hoax perpetrated by China - has dramatically changed his views on climate change.

The best we can say at this point is that the president-elect does not appear devoted to actively denying the existence of climate change, and that it is not yet a foregone conclusion that he'll abandon the Paris Agreement.

COP22 was also the occasion for policy-makers, countries and organisations to announce new strategy plans, initiative and finance changes.

"But while it created uncertainty around the role of the U.S. it in no way hindered the negotiations or the resolution of the parties present to bring the Paris Agreement into full force". Since then, the Compact of Mayors has joined forces with the European Union's Covenant of Mayors, making the new Global Covenant of Mayors the single largest and most ambitious coalition of mayors on climate change.