In India, Facebook unveils new paid research program to track competitors, startups

In India, Facebook unveils new paid research program to track competitors, startups

Apps you've installed on your phone.

The social giant Tuesday unveiled a new research app called Study that will collect data on which smartphone apps people download, what features they use inside those apps and how much time they spend on them. Study for Facebook will send out ads to people residing in United States and India from where they can sign up for the program. Facebook already has the advantage when setting up such market research, Cottrell said - not many other companies could release a similar service and get as many participants as Facebook is bound to.

The new "Study from Facebook" app gives Facebook users the chance to volunteer to share information about their app usage - and get paid for divulging this information.

To fulfil this goal, the social networking giant has launched a new app called Study which is available for download on Google's Playstore for Android users aged 18 and above.

Facebook says that the program is created to help it to "learn which apps people value and how they're used" so that the company can "build better products for the Facebook community". The company said the the information it collects will go toward product development initiatives. Last year, a slew of documents released by the United Kingdom parliament revealed that Facebook used its now-defunct VPN app, Onavo, to track competitors through data it collected from users. It will launch only in the United States and India initially, and you have to be targeted by Facebook to take part.

Facebook said it is looking to approach marketing research in "a responsible way" and that "what people expect when they sign up to participate in market research has changed".

The Mark Zuckerberg platform promises to not snoop through any personal files and whatever data is collected, will be kept safe and away from any third parties. It may also track features used within the apps.

The country you live in, the device you use and the type of network your phone runs on. A Facebook account isn't required.

Facebook said Study would not collect user IDs, passwords, or content, including photos, videos, or messages. But, as we've seen numerous times, Facebook has been found leaking data several times in the past. With its previous research app, Facebook paid users $20 monthly in gift cards.