IL officials urge vaccination after child dies of flu

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Influenza can have symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches and fatigue, public health officials said.

Flu shots are available from local health units, many pharmacies, or through your primary care provider; check Immunize B.C.'s website for details.

"The peak of flu season is usually in late January and early February", Khan said.

Overall, there have been 2,083 cases reported this flu season, down from 10,335 at this time a year ago.

"We also have good evidence that having a flu shot greatly reduces the risk of hospitalization or death even for those who do get the flu anyway", he added.

When possible, avoid contact with people who have the flu or any type of respiratory infection.

The most effective way to protect against the flu is to get a dose of seasonal flu vaccine.

Clark County's director of public health, Dr. Alan Melnick, can't tell you a whole lot yet about this flu season. Flu can have very serious associated complications.

There is also a new antiviral on the market called baloxavir, which you only have to take once. "When you get vaccinated, you are not just protecting yourself, you are also protecting the people you love".

"For those of us who are not infected yet and haven't gotten the shot, you should get the flu shot now", Melnick said.

And, Sherlock says, "It's not too late to get a flu shot".

Overall, flu activity was down last week compared to previous weeks. When circulating viruses are substantially different from those in the vaccine, vaccine effectiveness can be reduced. The flu vaccine, when given by a pharmacist at a network pharmacy, is covered by the pharmacy benefit for free. About 80 percent of the children who died didn't receive a flu shot.

The predominant strain this year is influenza A H1N1, which officials say tends to have less severe symptoms than the predominant strain that circulated last season.

Santa Clara County on Tuesday announced their first flu death of the winter season.

"Flu is now beginning to circulate, and as schools reopen and people return to work we are likely to see increased levels". Here is everything you need to know about H1N1 flu.

Monto: When deciding whether to get the flu vaccine, it's important to consider the potential consequences of getting the flu. Antivirals to treat the flu must be given within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. About 225,000 people had tested positive for the flu in 2017-18, the U.S. CDC said, but the actual number of cases is much higher because many are not tested and recover at home.

Other illnesses common to campus this time of year include colds and viruses, namely norovirus, a virus unrelated to the flu that causes inflammation of the stomach or intestines and is characterized by diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and stomach pain.