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'I feel betrayed' by Bannon, Trump says

Author Michael Wolff on the set of NBC's'Today show prior to an interview about his book

Just a few months ago, after the Bannon-backed U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama beat the one President Donald Trump had supported, it seemed as if Bannon had a better grip on the future of the GOP than the president did.

"Fire and Fury", which goes behind the scenes at the White House, first the nation's attention last week.

"I don't see anything about President Trump!"

Wolff says the comments were "directed directly at Don. Jr".

"Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency".

As of Tuesday, 36 Mohave County Library patrons have requested a hold on the controversial White House tell-all book. "How can I trust some of these quotes when, again, . all these people are denying these quotes and stories attributed to them?" she asked, while Wolff's eyes darted around nervously.

"You can not listen to this man talk without at least contemplating the possibility that something is grievously amiss", he told Lemon.

Trump had tried to prevent the book from being published, instructing his lawyers to issue a cease and desist order.

When Wolff told CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert that he did not expect the book would make a splash, Colbert sounded surprised, pointing out the highly negative portrayal of Trump as unstable and unfit for office.

The book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, has received mixed reviews, with some critics and readers claiming it is an unputdownable expose of a juvenile and dysfunctional administration, and others saying it amounts to little more than unsubstantiated political gossip.

"I would say so", she said.

"It is frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write", Trump said then.

As of mid-week, Pleasant Hills Public Library still was waiting for their two hardcover copies of "Fire and Fury" and one audiobook to arrive from the distributor. However, according to data reported to USA TODAY's best-seller list, the majority of initial sales were e-books.

At the Thomas Library in Chesterton, the main branch for the Westchester Public Library, director Leea Yelich said her library hadn't ordered the book yet, but that was going to change. We need to respond strongly for Michael Wolff and his book, but also for all authors and all their books, now and in the future.