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Hurricane Irma knocks down crane arm in Miami

Miami Beach Mayor In His Office As Hurricane Irma Lashes Florida	 	 	 			CBSNews

Miami-Dade insisted construction cranes posed public-safety risks and should be controlled by local rules. The bayfront area is filled with hotels and high-rise condo and office buildings, near AmericanAirlines Arena. There are about 20 to 25 construction cranes in the city, according to city officials. The counterbalances alone can weigh up to 30,000 pounds, reported CBS News' Mark Strassmann.

"In the future there should be an easy way to bring them down in events like this one", Ape said.

A Miami woman, who went into labor at home in Little Haiti early Sunday, was coached through her birth by doctors and emergency workers who could not reach her in time during Hurricane Irma.

The Miami waterfront, as well as the islands that make up the city, are used to flooding because much of the city is low lying and facing rising sea levels.

"AVOID THE AREA!" the city's tweet said. The building was still in tact despite the crane's failure.

The same videos showed his tower cranes spinning in the background. "Falling cranes kill people", the county said in its suit. "But for the grace of God, that [collapse] could be me". When it collapsed it fell on top of the building under construction.

The horizontal arms of some cranes were left loose to spin in the winds. Crews responded to every emergency until about midnight, but flooding and wind gusts of 94 miles per hour made it too unsafe to head out again until later Sunday morning.