Hulu plans to make a Hitman television series with 'John Wick' creator


Hitman saw its first silver-screen adaptation in 2007.

The new Hitman TV series is being set-up at Hulu and Fox 21 and will be based on the video games that have shifted over 25 million copies worldwide.

"Hitman" is originally a popular series of stealth video games developed by IO Entertainment, with nine games released in total.

How an emotionless, nearly personality-free, hitman, who stars in very slow-paced stealth adventures, became one of the most frequently filmed video game characters we don't know. Kolstad will be an executive producer, alongside film producers Chuck Gordon and Adrian Askarieh-the latter of which worked on both Hitman movies. According to Deadline, the aim of the series is to make it a flagship show for Hulu's original programming.

Hulu wants to hire Agent 47 for a hit ... The pilot episode will be penned by Derek Kolstad, the creator and writer of the much-loved and violent John Wick film series.

Previously, there was a Hitman movie starring Timothy Olyphant, but it wasn't exactly the kind of film that inspired confidence in the Hitman fanbase. The games centre around Agent 47, a meticulous and lethal assassin with a mysterious backstory. The games, however, tell a different tale. Agent 47 introduced the character as an enhanced supersoldier played by Rupert Friend. Io Interactive has already confirmed it's working on a new Hitman game, but recently said it doesn't plan to start talking about the project until sometime next year.