Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds 'truce' strained over gin ad


Unfortunately, only one actor ended up sticking to their word.

The Deadpool star lends his voice over attractive, behind-the-scenes shots showing how the coffee is made, highlighting how profits from the company help communities in need. However, it would appear that one of the actors took their job a little more seriously than the other and fans will hopefully get the see the fallout on social media. Ryan and Hugh buried the hatchet and chose to join forces for the greater good - to promote their gin and coffee companies, respectively.

Reynolds agreed to create an ad for Jackman's Laughing Man, while Jackman would deliver a commercial for the "Deadpool" star's Aviation Gin company. "'Cause Laughing Man beans are born with a special power". Ryan bragged that the video cost $1 million to make.

"Hugh could be behind such a Hugh-roic company". Reynolds then rolls his ad, which consists of very cinematic shots, showcasing the process that goes into making the coffee, with some voiceover providing nothing but nice things to say.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman decided to make ads for one another to make up for all the insults that have flown around on Twitter.

The scene cuts to Jackman dressed in a suit, sitting in a leather chair with a bottle of Aviation Gin on the table.

"Ryan Reynolds is a real f***ing a**hole", he says, adding, after a long pause, "The gin's pretty great though". Jackman then tips over the bottle of alcohol and watches as it pours out across the table.

So on February 6, (February 7 AEDT), they released a joint video unveiling their new projects and watched them together, for the first time.

Since that time, Jackman and Reynolds, who co-starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, have continued their public trolling and found ways to poke fun at the other on social media. "Hugh guessed it. Hugh Jackman, the loving and caring man who created Laughing Man".