How to Watch Sunday Night's Perseid Meteor Shower-Online or In Person

The spectacular Perseids meteor shower

The shower peaks on tonight, 12 August, but will be visible for a day or two either side.

STARGAZERS across the region are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Perseid meteor shower, which will be at its best this weekend.

The Perseid shower is also known for fireballs-especially bright meteors-that leave long wakes of light and color in the sky as they sail through the Earth's atmosphere.

Once evening falls Sunday, expect to see a meteor, or a "shooting star", streaking across the sky every few minutes.

When the "radiant" is highest in the sky, we'll see the most meteors.

"Every year in August, we sort of sweep through the leftovers of that comet and the tiny little particles that it left behind enter into the Earth's atmosphere", explains Brar.

NASA scientists advise that although they can be seen any time after 10 p.m., the best time to spot a flurry of meteors will be during the darkest part of the night, in the early hours before dawn, from 11 first light.

But no matter if the clouds or smoke clear, "you still need to get away from the light pollution of cities", Meteorologist M.J. McDermott said.

The best views of the Perseids in Sweden will be in the south of the country, according to website Populär Astronomi.

Dr Robert Massey, from the Royal Astronomical Society, said: 'Unlike a lot of celestial events, meteor showers are easy to watch and no special equipment is needed, although a reclining chair and a blanket make viewing much more comfortable'.

You'll have a handsome view of one of nature's greatest shows.