How to use screen recording in iOS 11

How to use screen recording in iOS 11

Like mentioned above, when you toggle the switch for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off in your device's control center, they remain somewhat on still.

To actually turn off Bluetooth and wifi users will need to head into the Settings app and manually turn them off, which deactivates them until 5am the next morning, or use Airplane mode. It's a bit convoluted for the average user who thinks they are toggling the radio off completely when they tap on the Control Center icon, though. Unfortunately, instead of disabling the features, the iOS 11 Control Center only puts them in the background, Motherboard reports. With the device set to ship Friday, Apple has admitted that the company has "discovered that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity, it may at times prevent the watch from using cellular". Now, you'll record your screen, as well as the audio from and around your iPhone.

After months of beta testing, Apple pushed-out the next-generation mobile operating system to iPhone and iPad users worldwide earlier this week.

App Dock allows you to display your favourite or most frequently used apps on a dock at the bottom of the screen for easy and direct access.

In its statement, Apple said it is working with Microsoft to fix the iOS 11 email problem in an upcoming software update. Yes, you can, just hold onto that X until the Clear All Notifications menu appears.

The new Control Center has been specially re-designed and now fits in one page, so you don't need to swipe.

Speaker of light and dark, you should know the auto-brightness section has a new home.

"The iOS 11 really kills my iPhone 6s battery".

The main controls for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on Apple's newly launched iOS 11 software can not actually be used to turn those features off.

Of course, screen recording apps have existed on Android for a long time. It doesn't work if you try to access your Control Center in the middle of viewing a snap, but you can always replay it if you miss something juicy and want to be the worst person imaginable.

Thanks to Apple's ARKit, which allows developers to implement improved augmented reality experiences into their apps, there a lot more AR apps to choose from than just Pokemon Go.