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How researchers will protect your Facebook data from thieves

How researchers will protect your Facebook data from thieves

NBC asked if Facebook could come up with a tool to let people have a button that allows them to restrict the social network from using their profile data to stop targeted ads.

NY Times tech lead Brian X. Chen reported that Facebook holds a surprising amount of data even on people who use the service very sparingly, using his own downloaded data as an example.

McKinley suggested the company has the information necessary to take down the listings, but has yet to do so.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face multiple lawsuits over alleged misuse of personal information with at least five law firms in the United Kingdom and USA investigating claims for compensation. Grilled by people much older, and not wiser when it comes to social media.

As he did on Tuesday before a Senate hearing, Zuckerberg refused during a House of Representatives committee hearing to make any promises to support new legislation or change how the social network does business. Zuckerberg said the European standard, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to come into effect on May 25, was more stringent than what was now in place at Facebook and suggested it could serve as a rough model for U.S. rules in the future.

He also said he was not familiar with what various media reports call "shadow profiles", collections of data assembled on Facebook users that they have no knowledge of or control over. Jefferies said in an April research note that the firm "analyzed Facebook's traffic over the course of March and believe that recent headlines around Facebook's data policies have not meaningfully impacted engagement on the platform".

"The Internet is growing in importance around the world in people's lives, and I think that it is inevitable that there will need to be some regulation", he said.

King said that Facebook's data would be heavily protected.

In its survey, 39% of respondents said they're now more careful about not only what they post, but what they "Like" and react to on brand pages and within friends' posts. And all of a sudden I start receiving advertisements for chocolate.

In the archive is a variety of information that isn't surprising to find - when a user has logged into Facebook, their posts and messages. He said the company "limits the amount of data" it collects and uses. "The message they received last week was inaccurate and not reflective of the way we communicate with our community and the people who run Pages on our platform", the statement read. Eshoo asked. "Congresswoman, I'm not sure what that means", Zuckerberg answered.

Facebook and Britain's Information Commissioner's Office is still investigating the Cambridge Analytica brief. The CEO added that Facebook could only record audio as part of a video that's being filmed and uploaded by users.

Lawmakers were at times aggressive Tuesday as they accused Zuckerberg of failing to protect the personal information of millions of Americans from Russians intent on upsetting the US election. "In Canada, at least, the creation of that list and the targeting of that list is not regulated under Canadian elections law or Canadian privacy law and I think that is a shortcoming".