Holocaust Museum: Stop catching Pokemon here


The smartphone game allows players to hunt virtual Pokemon in the real world, thanks to an on-screen augmented reality overlay.

Mike Litterst, spokesman for the National Mall told CNNMoney, that there haven't been any problems associated with Pokemon Go game play.

Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia also asked visitors to refrain from playing the app. "We are looking into how the museum can be removed from it".

The museum is a "PokeStop" in the game where players can get free items. Now, it's been revealed that the Holocaust Museum in Washington a PokeStop in the game, and the museum is not too pleased.

Cue the museum's communications director, Andrew Hollinger, to state the obvious: "Playing the game is not appropriate in... a memorial to the victims of Nazism".

Another visitor told The Post they didn't go to the museum intending to catch Pokemon, and meant no disrespect using the app at the PokeStops inside the building.

Though it may be surprising that the Museum would have to make such a statement, they aren't the first location to issue unwelcoming announcements towards the game's players. "But this game falls very much outside that", he added.

Pokemon Go features the museum as a landmark and as such can be home to the highly sought after Pokemon.

During a visit to the museum on Tuesday (local time), a Reuters reporter saw various visitors using phones to take photos or send messages, but no one obviously playing games.

After players were seen battling for control of Auschwitz, Dachau and Sachsenhausen was met with outrage, the company removed the former Nazi camps from game locations.

There has been no response yet from game developers Niantic Labs on whether it could stop Pokemon creatures from appearing inside the Holocaust Museum.