Hillary Clinton's Top Aide Huma Abedin to Appear Before Benghazi Committee

Hillary Clinton dismisses Benghazi ‘conspiracy theories’ ahead of her testimony

Schiff, who has called for the committee to be disbanded, said he likes Gowdy, but "the intense and partisan focus of the committee on Secretary Clinton above all else has made our work on the committee hard, to say the least".

This next series of hearings is important for Gowdy and the committee; ever since House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) dropped his massive Benghazi gaffe late last month, the Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton, have been on a mission to shut the committee down.

Turmoil swirled again around the Republican-controlled Benghazi committee on Friday as it questioned a senior aide to Hillary Clinton, prompting fresh accusations that the panel was created to damage the Democratic front-runner's presidential campaign.

"I wanted to honor the service of those lost and injured in the Benghazi attacks", Abedin said. Thursday, another GOP Congressman came out saying that the Committee's investigation was created to go after individuals, including Clinton.

The committee chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., did not attend the session in which committee staff and attorneys questioned Abedin.

A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated Abedin's employment at the State Department, work for the Clinton family foundation and work done for a consulting firm would not be part of the questioning.

"He has brought his oversize personality and his reality television experience to the highest level of American politics and seems to be getting a very positive response among a large part of the Republican electorate", she said. He's chairman of a congressional Benghazi investigation that's dismissed by Democrats as partisan and even questioned by Republicans. There are ongoing questions about Abedin's possible 2012 ethics standards violations when she was an adviser to Hillary Clinton at the same time she was working for Teneo Holdings.

That testimony will come amid a slew of controversy, both surrounding her emails and the Committee's investigation.

But she also conceded that the State Department needs to improve how it helps those security professionals, who are not political appointees, make tough decisions to the best of their abilities.

"Unless you're on the committee you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it, and what new facts we have found", Gowdy said in an interview on CBS "Face the Nation", Sunday.

Clinton's use of a private email server for official business while serving as secretary of State was revealed by the Benghazi committee. Gowdy said the comments by Rep. Richard Hanna, R-N.Y., were "unfortunate" and misinformed. A former Republican staffer on the committee also said his bosses were singularly focused on going after the former secretary of state

Meanwhile, Clinton's top aides in Washington were asking Stevens how to "message" the violence in Libya back home.