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Hillary Clinton's Campaign Pays Tribute To Bernie Sanders' Success With Small Donors

Throughout the long Democratic primary Sen. Bernie Sanders had suggested that Hillary Clinton wasn't'qualified to be president and he said he questioned her judgement

"This campaign is about the needs of the American people and addressing the very serious crises that we face".

"Thank you Bernie for your endorsement, but more than that, thank you for your lifetime of fighting injustice".

Speaking in front of supporters from both camps in New Hampshire Mr Sanders, who for months ran against Mrs Clinton in a hotly-contested and bitter campaign for the party's nomination, congratulated her for winning. Clinton has campaigned with President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Sen.

That had been a key issue in the Sanders campaign, signaling a determination to recognize and battle climate change, and it reflected one of Kleeb's priorities as the founder and leader of Bold Nebraska, which successfully battled construction of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Sanders has spent the past month seeking to influence the party's platform for the Philadelphia convention and promote electoral reforms including allowing independents to participate in future primaries.

While many Democrats will likely welcome the party unity Sanders' concession represents, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has already sought to use it against the Democratic party.

Chants of "Bernie" broke out in the gymnasium while opening speakers addressed the crowd, prompting Clinton's faithful to chant, "Unity".

He went on: "Hillary Clinton understands that if someone in America works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty". "He will endorse her today - fans angry! I also think that Donald Trump has helped to unify the Democratic Party as well", said Gov. Dannel Malloy. Sanders made the announcement at a Clinton campaign stop in New Hampshire, according to the New York Times.

Trump quickly capitalized on Sanders endorsement of Clinton, claiming on Twitter that he was "selling out". "Yes. We become stronger when black and white, Latino, Asian American, Native American-all of us-stand together. Yes". She says it's best Sanders joined forces with Clinton before the upcoming Democratic Convention. Since clinching the Republican nomination, the real estate mogul has tried to position himself as the presidential candidate worthy of Sanders' progressive base.

In May, Sanders pressured Trump to debate him ahead of the California primaries, but Trump refused, saying it would be "inappropriate".