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Android Q nerfs gesture navigation if you use a third-party launcher

Google has already brought several new OS features with Android Q beta updates. Google's new back gesture (swipe in from the sides) looked like it would break navigation drawers in apps, but Google has a new peek behavior in Beta 5 that signals to users when they are interacting with the drawer rather than triggering the back gesture.

Now, this feature arrives at a time when there's news that gestures like these only work on system-installed launchers, like the Pixel Launcher or the default launchers in MIUI and OxygenOS. So, Android enthusiasts should be ready to use either 2-button or 3-button navigation. Users will have to use traditional button navigation with these launchers until Google develops a solution, which will happen in a post-launch update for Android Q.

Google is also apparently admitting it doesn't have a good solution for third-party home screen launchers.

Android Q Beta 5 is official and Google will be pushing it out to Pixel devices on the beta program starting today so long as users are enrolled. Though longtime users of Android may be familiar with the use of these drawers, adding the peek behavior as an indication makes it much more clear for all users what swiping in from the left edge will accomplish and should help avoid any confusion as to the drawer being present within an app. We are talking about swipe down on an empty screen area to bring the notification bar, then swipe up to roll the shade back in its place, after you have read the notification or flipped on the Bluetooth connectivity switch, for instance. Big benefit is that this works with existing apps with "old" DrawerLayout versions.