Henry Cavill Will No Longer Play 'Superman'

REPORT Henry Cavill is Out as Superman in the DCEU

The actor posted a cryptic video on his Instagram page, responding to the reports without actually saying anything at all. At Forbes, Scott Mendelson writes, "It is ironic that DC Films series is now kept afloat not by Batman and Superman but by Wonder Woman and (presumably) Aquaman". THR reports that negotiations broke down between Cavill and Warner Bros. over a cameo in next year's "Shazam!" due to scheduling conflicts, and the " door is now closing on other potential Superman appearances". This drastic change in direction would be one of the many ideas Warner Bros. apparently has planned for the universe down the road.

Warner Bros. still has several non-Superman titles in the works.

While a sequel solo movie for Superman has always been rumoured, THR's report suggests that a future Superman film would not enter production for "at least several years" while the studio focuses on Supergirl.

It may be time for Henry Cavill to hang up the cape and comb back the spit-curl.

The rumor of a Superman cameo in Shazam! first began when Cavill's rep Dany Garcia put out a cryptic tweet.

The DC movies need to find a new Superman.

An exclusive report in The Hollywood Reporter citing sources close to Warner Bros. indicates that Cavill is parting with the company.

The source also added that the decision solidified as Cavill recently signed on to star in Netflix's The Witcher. Not only was 2017's Justice League a box office disappointment, everyone's favorite sad superhero, Ben Affleck, isn't expected to reprise his role for the upcoming stand-alone Batman film.

Instead, DC Films and Warner Bros. are shifting their attention to female-centric characters.

Cavill is the third actor to prominently play DC's live-action Superman on the big screen since Christopher Reeve reinvigorated the role in the '70s.

WB also doesn't have any immediate plans for a solo Superman movie.