HBO hackers leak GoT personal info and demand ransom

Game of Thrones fans shun spoilers from HBO hack

Hackers are demanding a multi million-dollar ransom to halt the release of the entire series, which is filmed in Northern Ireland, and other sensitive files. "We don't want to endanger HBO's situation nor cause it to lose its reputation", Mr. Smith says in the video.

Technology news site Mashable posted written demands that it said hackers claimed to have sent to HBO Chief Executive Officer Richard Plepler.

So far the HBO leaks, which have also included episodes of Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm", have been limited, falling well short of the chaos inflicted on Sony in 2014. At the time those first details were released, the hackers behind the attack said that more leaked information was coming.

This is the second major HBO leak by the same hackers. While the amount of data is almost seven times that of the 2014 Sony hack, the impact has so far been much less catastrophic. The newly-leaked data included a file named "Richard Contact list.txt" that contained thousands of email addresses, suggesting that the hackers may have been able to steal Plepler's email address book.

The dump itself was just 3.4 gigabytes — mostly technical data that appears to provide a topography of HBO's network and to list network-administrator passwords.

In a ransom video set to the music from Game of Thrones they said: "HBO spends 12 million for market research and 5 million for [Game of Thrones] advertisements".

"While it has been reported that a number of emails have been made public, the review to date has not given us a reason to believe that our email system as a whole has been compromised". Beyond those leaked scripts, the spill contains countless HBO internal documents, including emails, financial balance sheets, employment agreements, and marketing-strategy PDFs.

The hackers, who illegally broke into HBO's computer networks, claim to have taken 1.5 terabytes of data, including the fourth episode of season seven, which aired in the USA on Sunday, and was released illegally on Friday - days after a script from the newest instalment of the fantasy series was published on the Internet. Now hackers are confirming what data they have and their latest demand will surely give HBO people a nightmare.