Harvey Weinstein accusers could get less than $60K each in settlement

Harvey Weinstein arrives to court in New York. Weinstein's lawyers are making a new attempt to get the New York sexual assault case against him dismissed. The former Hollywood producer's attorneys say

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that after some lengthy negotiations from all involved parties - disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein, members of the Weinstein Company board, the NY attorney general's office, and Weinstein's alleged victims - a tentative agreement to pay out $44 million as a settlement to victims of Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct has been reached.

Newsweek has contacted legal representatives for Weinstein, as well as the NY attorney general's office, for comment.

He will stand trial in NY in June on criminal charges brought by two women, including rape. He entered a plea of not guilty, insisting both encounters were consensual.

Reports say Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative deal for $44 million to compensate his alleged victims.

More than 15 lawsuits have been filed accusing Harvey Weinstein or the company of misconduct. Actress Rose McGowan was one of the first to speak out against Weinstein, propelling the "Me Too" movement.

Attorney Adam Harris, who represents Bob Weinstein, the former chairman of the company, told Delaware Bankruptcy Judge Mary Walrath on Thursday that the parties reached a deal in principle on Wednesday.

If finalized, the deal would also settle a civil-rights lawsuit the NY attorney general's office filed previous year that blames the Weinstein Company's executives and board for not protecting employees from a hostile working environment, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

The deal would be worth $44 million, sources told ABC News.

In a tweet Friday that was appended with the #MeToo hashtag, Judd declared that her lawsuit against Weinstein is "ongoing" and that she "intends to take him to trial". After the plaintiffs' attorneys fees get drawn out of the $30 million and the studio creditors get their money, there may not be a lot left over for the women and employees abused by Weinstein. Advisers now in charge of Weinstein Co.in bankruptcy proceedings still need to approve the deal, a company lawyer said Thursday.

Weinstein has repeatedly denied all allegations of any nonconsensual sex.

His trial is set to begin on September 9. "I'm just like you, because what happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in this society, and that can not stand".