Harry Dean Stanton Passes Away at Age 91

Harry Dean Stanton as Carl Rodd in a scene from the Showtime series'Twin Peaks

Over the course of his 60-plus-year career, Stanton ensured the quality of more than 100 films, including Repo Man, Alien and Cool Hand Luke, as well as over 50 episodes of television, including Twin Peaks, Big Love and many more.

Harry Dean Stanton graced the silver screen for almost seven decades. Occasionally you would hear Stanton sing; music was his other love - he sang and played harmonica onstage and off.

Author Stephen King, whose book Christine and story "The Green Mile", were made into movies starring Stanton, called the actor "great", while Olivia Wilde, the actress who appeared with Stanton in Alpha Dogs, recalled that he was the "definition of cool".

HBO also paid tribute to Stanton, who played Roman Grant on their series Big Love.

This year's festival is slated for later this month and will show "Lucky", where Stanton plays the titular role alongside Lynch.

Stanton was a living legend, and a link between the ages of Modern Hollywood. Ultimately, Stanton decided it was "too much work" to be a leading man.

Stanton, who right off the bat in his vocation utilized the name Dean Stanton to stay away from perplexity with another performing artist, experienced childhood in West Irvine, Kentucky and said he started singing when he was a year old.

Stanton was a favorite of the late film critic Roger Ebert, who said that "no movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad".

He showed up in more than 200 films and TV appears in a vocation dating to the mid-1950s.

In the 2012 documentary Partly Fiction, Stanton answered some deep questions from his friend and colleague, director David Lynch. Harry Dean Stanton. My heart is broken, but at 91...a life well lived", while Mark Hamill wrote: "'Sad to say goodbye to the incomparable Harry Dean Stanton- so profoundly authentic in every role he inhabited'. I told him I wanted to play something of some beauty or sensitivity.

It wasn't until 1979 that Harry Dean Stanton would get one of his most recognizable roles in cinema as the Nostromo crew member Brett in Ridley Scott's Alien.

Stanton never married, although he has claimed in the past to have "one or two children".