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Hannity Stumps For Trump After Saying He Wouldn't

Hannity Stumps For Trump After Saying He Wouldn't

"There isn't a single elected official in either party who can do what this is tonight", said Limbaugh, waving an outstretched hand over the crowd, clearly referring to Trump's unique ability to generate enthusiasm and energy in ways that polls have failed to measure properly in the past.

Trump's campaign had billed Hannity as a "special guest" at the rally, but Fox had said that wasn't so, insisting he was merely broadcasting his show from the arena.

Hannity broadcast his show from the site of the rally Monday, where he exhorted viewers to vote Republican and echoed a Trump campaign theme seen on banners: "Promises made, promises kept". You can read my column on it here.

Who knew that would look like the good old days with Fox News giving at least lip service in 2010 to the standard that a news channel should not abandon all notion of balance to become the propaganda arm of a political movement?

It was a group that included his own Fox News colleagues.

Meanwhile, Hannity tweeted that he was being "100 per cent truthful" earlier on Monday when he tweeted that "I will not be on stage campaigning with the president".

But Hannity and Pirro appeared to cross a line for Fox News during his appearance at Monday's rally. I mean, it's really great.

The Fox opinion hosts have been two of Trump's biggest backers for a long time, but like many critics concerned about the Fox News-White House dynamic, several of the network's employees say Hannity and Pirro's shilling puts them in an extremely hard position.

Hope Hicks, chief communications officer for Fox - the soon-to-be parent company of Fox News - did not respond to a Tuesday morning email asking whether Rupert or Lachlan Murodch, the father and son who control Fox News, had any comment on or approved of Hannity's behavior.

In Indiana and in Missouri, Trump invited Sanders and counselor Kellyanne Conway on stage to speak along with his daughter Ivanka Trump.

And here the message was illustrated with a photograph of Schiff with his eyes bugging out and the words "Shifty Schiff" on the screen.

"This is a very important election", Trump added, emphasizing the stakes. He spoke briefly on camera with Trump at the end of the show. "They don't want investigations into Hillary".

Hannity's first remark on stage with the President?

He moved backstage, and with six minutes before the end of his show, Trump appeared for a billed interview that was largely bereft of questions.

A third employee explained that staffers had been told that Hannity would limit his participation to interviewing the president.

Despite Fox's disavowal, the Trump campaign continued to list Hannity as a guest throughout Monday at the link where people could seek tickets to the event.

Hannity - wearing a red-striped tie and American flag pin just like Trump - joined the president at the podium. "There's an electricity that feels like 2016".

As observers pointed out, Fox News journalists were among the "people in the back" that Hannity insulted.