Halo Infinite announced, powered by Slipspace Engine, coming to Windows 10

Halo Infinite announced, powered by Slipspace Engine, coming to Windows 10

The Xbox One trails Sony's (SNE) PlayStation 4 in unit sales in the current generation of video game consoles, but Microsoft is undeterred.

"Our cloud engineers are building a game streaming network to unlock console-quality gaming on any device", said the exec. In Santa Monica, studio The Initiative will be lead by former Crystal Dynamics head of studio Darrell Gallagher.

Gears of War 4 was a reboot of the series, covering events set 25 years after the original games.

Soon after the new Halo game was revealed fans were left concerned that it meant resources could have been diverted away from Halo 6.

Undead Labs is one of five studios teaming up with Microsoft, including "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice" developer Ninja Theory and "We Happy Few" developer Compulsion.

E3 was long centered on the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony consoles, but a rise of play on personal computers and games becoming spectator sports has broadened the focus of the event.

The game, "Forza Horizon 4", is set in the United Kingdom and will feature game play during the four seasons, created to make the driving experience radically different even in the same landscape.

If you're a gamer, there are a lot of reasons to get excited about E3 as some big titles were announced in recent hours. In an interview with Eurogamer yesterday, Phil Spencer said that he was "very proud of our track record of compatibility", adding that "it is in our core on who we are".

Microsoft recently unveiled the game engine Halo Infinite, the newest title in the series, at the E3 2018 convention in Los Angeles, California. But the company continues to put more resources into the Xbox consoles and its gaming business overall.

While the total amount of new games announced by Xbox was itself impressive though, you could argue that anyone can have a good year.

"We commit the full breadth of resources at Microsoft to deliver on the future of play".

Once the acquisitions are complete, Microsoft will have 11 game development studios.

If these documents are accurate - and assuming Microsoft doesn't change its plans - the publisher plans to aggressively launch multiple hardware items over the next two years, culminating in a next-gen games console.