Greta Gerwig Breaks Her Silence About Working With Woody Allen

Greta Gerwig Breaks Her Silence About Working With Woody Allen

"I have not worked for him again, and I will not work for him again", said Gerwig.

"I grew up on [Allen's] movies, and they have informed me as an artist, and I cannot change that fact now, but I can make different decisions moving forward". However, she finally answered it during a chat with director Aaron Sorkin for the New York Times, admitting she had given it a lot of thought and had finally decided what she wanted to say. A hard aspect of the Time's Up and #MeToo movement in Hollywood is the fact that many who support it have been complicit in their own ways, whether it's through supporting predators in their work or staying silent.

Last year, Dylan Farrow's brother Ronan Farrow (also Allen and Mia Farrow's biological son) published a series of groundbreaking articles for the New Yorker about the alleged abuses of Harvey Weinstein.

Greta previously starred in the Woody Allen film "To Rome With Love" in 2012, but admits now that had she been more aware of the sexual abuse allegations that have been levelled against him in the past, she wouldn't have agreed to work with him.

Gerwig, whose film "Lady Bird" took home two Golden Globes, added that the moment of reckoning surrounding sexual misconduct is a "turning point for women", especially those in Hollywood.

"I can only speak for myself and what I've come to is this: If I had known then what I know now, I would not have acted in the film", she said.

In addition, Farrow also revealed that his relationship with his estranged father, Woody Allen, is deeply complicated.

But Gerwig sidestepped taking a firm position, saying she needed more time to consider the issue. Stars donned black, wore Time's Up pins and made speeches proclaiming that it's time to change workplace cultures where inequality and sexual oppression are allowed to continue. "I made an bad mistake".

"I am ashamed I did this", Page said. She had recently spoken out about celebrities like Blake Lively and Justin Timberlake who have supported the Time's Up initiative on gender discrimination despite having worked with Allen. The actress appeared in Allen's 2016 film "Cafe Society" and called Allen "empowering to women". They will stand against sexual harassment and abuse in their industry and all others.

"It's not for me to say what Hollywood will or won't do", he notes. The director realized, she told the publication, that she had "increased another woman's pain". "I seem to remain secondary to their ambition, which undermines the powerful and embracing message they are trying to send".