‘Got another friend request from you’ scam hits Facebook

The social media giant dealt with a real cloning issue last year- but this one is just a hoax

If one of the messages is received, Kelso says users should simply ignore and delete the message.

A Facebook clone means a spammer has created a new account under your name, often times using your pictures and friend requesting your friends.

Several Facebook users have reported their accounts were cloned after they received a duplicate friend request message asking them to forward the message to friends.

Of course, it is entirely possible to get hacked on Facebook, and proper measures can and should be taken if you feel as though your account has been compromised.

The message then tells the receiver to forward it to their friends.

There's a new Facebook hoax going around that is targeting your inbox.

Facebook was yet to comment on this. Then, they send a bunch of friend requests to the original account's friend list, to try to scam the person's unsuspecting friends into granting access to their personal information by accepting the request.

This prompts everyone else who receives it to believe their accounts may have also been cloned. Apparently this is a hoax and I am getting SPAMMED with them.

However, if you're anxious your profile may have been cloned, you can search for your profile on Facebook and report any duplicate accounts. I had to do the people individually.

These messages tend to go viral by tapping into real fears about the power of Facebook.

This latest incident is the second security breach to occur on Facebook within the past two weeks.

And people do still get hacked. Thanks to a few well-meaning users, the message blew up and has been sent to thousands, if not millions of people.