GOP lawmakers to take seats after special election wins

Source WGCL

U.S. Rep. -elect Karen Handel, the Republican, linked her Democratic candidate, Joe Ossoff, to Pelosi during the campaign in Atlanta's conservative 6th District on many occasions.

"I'm a master legislator", she said. After all, this was the same politician who launched her 2010 gubernatorial run with a pledge to end a Gold Dome culture that she criticized in unsparing terms: "sex, lies and lobbyists".

Republican Ralph Norman, a staunch conservative, won a 3-point win last week in a far quieter SC race.

Norman told his colleagues that "we've got such an opportunity and I look forward to playing a part in working with you to move this country forward". She fills the seat that was vacant for more than four months after Tom Price took his new job in the Trump cabinet.

On Monday's "CBS This Morning", House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that Democratic representatives calling for her to step down as leader are a "small" issue and that her critics are people who have opposed her since last November. Ryan's challenge to Pelosi showed many Democrats are exhausted of Pelosi's failed leadership and that Pelosi, as the poster child of their party, was costing Democrats in elections - including the presidential election, during which her name, placards of her face and recordings of her words were used on TV, stump speeches and elsewhere.

The only remaining House vacancy is a Los Angeles seat formerly held by Democrat Xavier Becerra, who resigned in January to become California's attorney general.