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GOP Launches 'LyinComey.Com' Ahead Of Book Tour

GOP Launches 'LyinComey.Com' Ahead Of Book Tour

The website's launch comes days before Comey is set to create a media sensation with a series of on-camera interviews across networks. An excerpt shows Comey calling Trump a "mob boss".

Comey's tome is expected to behighly critical of President Donald Trump, who fired him previous year.

"While Democrats feigned outrage over President Trump's firing of James Comey, they had long questioned Comey's ability to lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation and even called for him to be fired", the website reads. Two months before he would be named White House chief of staff, Kelly told Comey that he was "sick" over the firing, Comey writes in his new book A Higher Loyalty, according to a report in the Daily Beast. It's a sign of the intense anxiety administration officials feel about Comey's press tour, and about President Donald Trump's possible reaction to it.

Andrew Harrer/Pool, Getty Images Ronna McDaniel, the RNC's chairwoman, told CNN that Comey's "misconduct" warranted condemnations from both Republicans and Democrats, and that the public should be reminded of them before his book launches.

Comey, several concluded, orchestrated the leak in order to put pressure on the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate the president. Many Democrats, meanwhile, are hopeful that new revelations will further bolster a case for the president's impeachment.

The departure of Mr Comey, who was leading the Russian Federation investigation before he was sacked by Mr Trump, is a key event being looked at by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Clinton has blamed Comey's decision, along with dozens of other factors, for her devastating loss to Donald Trump. "This White House reeks of fear". The former Director spoke of things that he had never said before, the source told Axios news. "He's going to seemingly everywhere". "His book tour kicks off this Sunday", said Hannity.

"Mr. President, the American people will hear my story very soon". According to the source, the Comey interview left people in the room stunned. "One chair for George, one for me".

Republicans are attempting to portray Comey as a liar and political operative with no credibility.