Google's upcoming Fuchsia OS confirmed to support Android apps

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First and most importantly, the source code published on GitHub suggests that Google is aiming to deploy Fuchsia everywhere, from embedded systems-like Internet-of-Things devices and cars-to full personal computers, and of course tablets and smartphones. The second - "device/google/fuchsia" appeared like a device that could be used by the Android Emulator to run Fuchsia. It's developing a special version of Android Runtime to allow Fuschia to run apps meant for Android devices.

Given the sheer number of Android developers around and its vast ecosystem, this revelation didn't surprise me as it was just a matter of time.

There has been a bit of continuing speculation as to whether Google's upcoming Fuchsia OS would join the ranks of other Google operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android OS in its support for Android apps.

Many of you are probably not as familiar with the Google Fuchsia OS, and are wondering why is it being mentioned so frequently in news. Google hasn't offered many details about the operating system up to this point.

Considering that Fuchsia is so different from Android, even on a technical level, everyone wondered whether the platform will support Android apps.

The report notes that it's unclear how Fuchsia will use ART once it's installed on a device, but that's not something device users will have to worry about.

So Google is making sure it's not making the same mistake with Fuchsia that Microsoft did with Windows Phone.

Apart from Apple's hardware releases this year, fans are also looking forward to its software updates, which the company typically showcase at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This version of ART will be installable on any Fuchsia OS device using a FAR file, which is Fuchsia's equivalent of Android's APK file. It will be many months before we see Fuchsia in the wild.