Google Translate Instant Camera gets better with the latest upgrade

Google adds 60 more languages along with other updates in Google Translate

Now, it is going to become even more useful and convenient thanks to a number of features that have been refined and added.

Google said that this feature is especially helpful when you're travelling overseas as it works even when you're not connected to Wi-Fi or using cellular data. Google Translate's three camera functions will now be front and center at the bottom of the app. Many times I just point my smartphone at the screen for any descriptions or bullet points that aren't obvious. First of all, Google has increased the supported languages for camera translation from 28 to 88 (full list here), and it will now support automatic detection of the source language - a feature than can really help in areas with distinct dialects.

The company is now bringing that same functionality to the Translate app along with a simplified UI and more languages. This opens up the hitherto impossible feat of using the camera to instantly translate from Arabic to French, or from Japanese to Chinese, for example. Are there any other features or improvements you'd like to see in Google Translate? Grab the app below if you don't have it installed.

A common concern when travelling is Wi-Fi and/or cellular data availability. It also works when your phone is offline if you download the language beforehand.

Another nifty feature is the ability to translate between any of the 100 supported languages whereas before you could only translate back to English.

Google Translate Instant Camera feature is when you fire up your Google Translate app on your phone, use the camera to point to a text or sign in a different language, and the app automatically translates that to another language. Steady translated text overlays make the translations easy to read and understand quickly.