Google Stadia launch in India expected around 2021

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		Google Stadia is reportedly burning out some Chromecast Ultras			
			Natalie Clayton			Contributor		25th November:56PM

The Stadia dispatch games Tomb Raider and Farming Simulator 19 will be allowed to Pro endorsers of Google's streaming platform in December, the organization said yesterday. You can also nab Samurai Shodown, a fighting game where you take the role of various samurai and, well, have a showdown. You'll be racing against the other players to kill the most monsters, but you'll need to work together to reach the end, because if one of you dies, you all restart. Subscribers will receive regular free game updates, similar to PlayStation Plus. This means that anyone who bought either of these two free games in the last two weeks does get some return on their investment, but its a cold comfort considering how little time the platform has been on the market.

These free games aren't the type of showstoppers likely to draw more people to Stadia, or make up for the chaotic launch. Obviously that may change significantly as Google Stadia's additional features are introduced, but at the moment its current form may leave a lot to be desired for early adopters.

The latest Stadia kerfuffle once again highlights the potential flaws in Google's business model for Stadia - which has received its fair share of animosity since launch. A rather pesky and incompetent shock for the industry and supporters of Google Stadia.

Google today announced that Stadia Pro premium subscription tier is getting two more free games from December. "We want all games to play 4K/60 but sometimes for artistic reasons a game is 4K/30 so Stadia always streams at 4K/60 via 2x encode".

It turned out that Stadia's latency is much better than most expected it to be, which is a huge boon to Google'sconsole-less aspirations, but other promises could be called misleading given that not all games run true 4K at 60FPS.

You can play on your TV thanks to the Chromecast Ultra device bundled with the Founder's and Premiere Edition, or on PCs and laptops. If you happened to purchase one of these yourself, you can contact Stadia support for a refund by visiting the link here.