Google Releases Android Q Beta for Developers, Early Adopters

Google Releases Android Q Beta for Developers, Early Adopters

Call Screen will answer the phone when an unknown caller rings and communicate with the caller for you. You can download images from Google and then flash them onto your device, but it will be a fresh install, with everything erased.

Google has released the first beta build of the next version of its mobile operating system - Android 10. Google says apps like YouTube and Keep open about 21 percent faster on Q. With 3D face unlock solutions becoming more common, Android Q will add support for face identification as a system-level security method.

Keep in mind, Android Q is now in beta - the first beta at that! - so features will likely change or be removed altogether.

Google expects to offer six Android Q beta releases followed by a final release in Q3 2019.

So what shiny new features does Android Q bring along with it?

More info on Android Q here.

So, one way is to get enrolled in the Android Beta program using the link given below, after which the Beta 1 will automatically land your Pixel phone via OTA update. Interestingly, using this emulator with the fledgling OS version for the few hours it has been available, Twitter user Michael Young noticed an expansive "Desktop Mode" was included in Android Q.

Starting in Android Q, apps can request a Dynamic Depth image which consists of a JPEG, XMP metadata related to depth related elements, and a depth and confidence map embedded in the same file on devices that advertise support. Android Q places a focus on privacy, like with its new location data setting that'll let you choose whether an app can access your location all the time, only while the app is in use, or deny location access completely.

If you found this post useful and decide to share it on social media, please link back to us! Note, however, that I've since discovered there's much more to Android Q's gestures, including the fact that they're (partially) customizable!

If you're frequently bothered by telemarketers and robot callers, Android Q wants to help with its screen feature.

Despite the lack of an official confirmation about the company's next-generation Pixel phones including the Pixel 3 Lite, which is slated to hit the store shelves ahead of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, the rumor mill is churning all sorts of speculations around the company's next-generation Pixel phablet, which has surfaced online in the form of a new leak.

Are you going to load the Android Q beta on a Pixel phone? Don't do this out of casual interest, especially since future betas figure to be more stable.