Google pulling YouTube app from Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show

YouTube has withdrawn its services on Amazon products including the Echo Show

Google is hoping to pressure Amazon into selling Google's products by taking away access to the world's most widely watched video service. The move is a retaliation for Amazon refusing to sell Google's Chromecast and Google Home devices.

Both companies said they hope to resolve the issue quickly. Now, it seems that Google will go as far as to remove its YouTube from all Amazon products by the end of the year. In a move that echoes contract spats between television networks and cable providers, Google Inc. has announced that it will drop YouTube support for Inc.'s Fire TV and Echo Show media devices starting January 1. Now Google has pulled YouTube again from the device as the voice control commands added violated the use terms.

"Given this lack of reciprocity, we are no longer supporting YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV", Google said in a Tuesday statement.

Amazon's Fire TV products run on the company's Fire OS, which is in turn a modification of Google's open-source Android platform.

For Google, however, the loss of revenue from Amazon's website, and the minor inconvenience of Amazon apps not casting is nearly inconsequential.

YouTube has more than one billion users worldwide
YouTube has more than one billion users worldwide

These are two companies who usually have the upper hand on the negotiating table, and probably don't like the fact they have found their equal this time around.

Beck Diefenbach / Reuters An Amazon Fire TV device is displayed during a media event introducing new Amazon products in San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 16, 2015.

YouTube blocked the Echo Show's work-around effective December 5. Amazon hasn't enabled Google Cast support for its Prime Video service, giving it a unique selling point for its Fire TV stick.

The Amazon response was blunt.

Now, with the feud with Google, Amazon is making its intentions known: the retail giant is making no bones about its future and plans that include a takeover of the consumer reatail space. As a result, and because Amazon does not carry Google devices such as Google Home, Chromecast, or Nest devices, it has pulled YouTube from the Amazon devices.