Google poised to unveil new Pixel phones, other services

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Aside from its phones, Google also unveiled other hardware, including its own first tablet computer, the Pixel Slate. Google Pixel Slate will be available in select markets at a starting price of $599 (Rs 44,000 approximately). Fast forward to today, Engadget has also managed to get hold of an "unreleased version" of the Pixel 3 XL in Hong Kong.

ORIGINAL STORY: Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are set to replace both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL as Google's leading flagship Android smartphone this afternoon. Both devices will be available on October 18 at the United States and November 1 in 12 more countries including the UK and India.

The same pattern which Google use is Marketing Video, The first video shows several new features that are coming in Google Pixel 3 XL.

The leaked photo showed the charging stand is primarily made up of one circular puck for the base, oval shape for the back of the stand. The Pixel 3 will not sport a notch, unlike its Pixel 3 XL sibling. Apart from that, available handsets are "Just Black" and "Clearly White" models. As indicated by the report, the Pixel Slate dons a showcase with 3:2 aspect ratio and bears a back and a front camera.

On the Pixel 3 promotional video posted in the official "Made By Google" channel on YouTube, the top commenter goes, "Why they didn't put the headphone jack IN the notch?" The phone will be launched in India on November 1.

The Google Pixel USB-C earbuds are a wired pair of earbuds for Google's smartphones which promise to provide "smooth sound" with 24-bit audio. Although the Geekbench entry specifies Android 9 "Pie" as the operating system, it has been stated that the tablet will utilize Chrome OS, whilst also being capable of installing and running Android apps.

The Google Home Hub is poised to be the Google Home smart speaker with a face - a 7-inch screen, that is. Google's new Pixel phones mirror the industry trend moving the devices toward lusher, bigger screens and add new twists on the camera for taking better selfies and other pictures. It will reportedly be called Pixel Slate and can double as a lightweight and easily portable laptop.