Google News Gets Redesign That Offers Different Perspectives

Google via Maggie Shiels

The main pane uses a card design now, as does the right pane which offers weather information, fact checking, and "in the news" topics.

It may be a while since you took a look at Google News, but there's never been a better time to revisit the site. You can jump quickly to news you enjoy, whether it's standard sections like Sports or Entertainment, or those created by you and powered by your queries, such as "FIFA World Cup" or "Bollywood".

There is now a pivotal or panaromic sub-division of categories where the new is divided in to categories like "Headlines", "Local", "For You" and a tag for the user to select the country. The Local and For You tabs can be customized with any locations selected for the Local tab, though it defaults to where it thinks you are located, and interests for the For You tab. In "Local", one can track stories from any part of the world - from your hometown to where you do business to where you went to school. Recently, the search giant has been taking several measures to spot fake news on Google Search results. The Google News page now has three sections located at the center of the homepage: a top headlines list, a local list, and a personalized "For You" section containing stories in interest areas that have been pre-selected according to preference.

The first and most obvious change that users will see when visiting the new desktop web site is the new interface created to be easier to read.

How long has it been since you visited the desktop site for Google News? A year ago we introduced the Fact Check label so you can get easy access to fact checking articles that investigate claims made in the story. The feature is now only available in the USA but shows articles that come from credible sources and fact-checking organisations, such as Snopes, that Google has partnered with.

As a publisher, you don't need to make changes on how to submit your story to Google News. You can modify the stories that you would want to see in the "For You" section.

Finally, we come to what is perhaps the most important addition with this redesign: a dedicated fact check bar. We hope the new design enables you to easily access quality journalism, bolstered with meaningful insights and comprehensive coverage.

There's also the "Full Coverage" link at the bottom of each story that will show you additional articles written on the same topic by other journalists.