Google is Shutting Down Inbox

Inbox by Gmail

The launch of the new Gmail in April was surely a sign that Inbox, Google's productivity-focused mail app, would soon meet its demise. On the back end, Inbox was the same thing as Gmail, and worked with your existing Gmail address.

As Google plans to pull its plug on the Inbox by 2019, it is integrating some of the important features of Inbox to Gmail.

Responses indicate that users are not happy, with some going as far as suggesting that they would be happy to pay a subscription fee to be able to keep Inbox.

If you need a little help moving on, but still want tabbed emails, pinning and more, hit the links below the story to learn how. Inbox brought a range of new ideas to the traditional email like the Snooze button, Smart Reply or Nudges. "As a result, we're planning to focus exclusively on Gmail and say goodbye to Inbox".

Gmail also gets more than one billion monthly active users as of 2018 - quite a bit more than all other webmail platforms combined - so even with Google's marketing dollars, Inbox had a challenging road ahead of it from the beginning. At that time, any Gmail addresses that were tied to Inbox will revert to the standard Gmail experience, and the mobile app will stop working.

Nearly four years ago, Google introduced a new email client called Inbox.

Fans of Google's innovative email app Inbox will have to look elsewhere in the coming months. Users do not have to deal with emails right away with the help of the snooze feature.

Google has announced that features from Inbox that haven't been added to Gmail yet may be added in the future. The new desktop Gmail has an option for offline mode, so a separate Chrome app is no longer necessary.