Google Home Max Announced at Made by Google Event


They are also introducing the new Home Mini and Home Max smart speaker systems. You can ask it how far away Pluto is from Earth, or you can ask it directions, or what the weather is like today, or whatever else - but where it really shines is when you ask it to play music.

Alphabet, supported by its subsidiaries Google and Nest, is creating a network of hardware devices that link preferences in temperature, search and music in the home. It includes the same features featured in a cylindrical speaker that Google rolled out previous year in response to Amazon's Echo. Google says that the Home Max is twenty times as powerful as the Home, and the company is debuting Smart Sound, a feature that calibrates the soundstage based on your room's dimensions and the kind of audio you're listening to. The newest speaker from Google will come in chalk and charcoal colors.

Home Max is shipping in December in the USA, with a retail price of $399, and a release in more markets coming next year.

Voice Match is also rolling out as an update to Google Home starting today.

Naturally, Google Assistant is integrated into the speaker for voice and playback control. The firm says that the new Home Mini can connect with any Chromecast speakers.

It's available for pre-order right away, and available in seven countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK and United States, including Japan - the new country that was announced at the Google event.

The Home Max by Google is definitely made to compete with the likes of Apple's HomePod, hence it will have a bunch of similar features as well, just like this one.

Google Home Mini review: What's so special? The Max can accept input as a Google Cast target, over Bluetooth, or by using the 3.5-mm auxilliary input.

Google is providing users a free 12 months subscription to YouTube Red. In fact, Google claims that it adjusts nearly immediately so users can move in anywhere they please. Both speakers are due in December.

Unfortunately, Google is making this a US-exclusive for now. It can even turn up the volume of your phone before pinging it and even bypasses a silent ringer mode.