Google Chrome On Android Can Cache Content For Offline Reading

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The functionality lets the browser save stuff like news articles when your device is connected to the Internet, so that they can be made available for offline viewing. Chrome selects content based on browser history, bookmarks of the user.

The automatically downloaded content would be available alongside all of the downloaded content available for access anytime, even without an Internet connection. Google's latest Chrome feature also has this in mind, as it will download relevant news articles automatically while connected to WiFi so the user can view them later when only a less reliable data connection or none at all is available. Now Android users can browse the web even without Internet connection.

The internet giant Google has recently added some effectively practical features to its Chrome browser.

Having said that, the latest feature takes Chrome to next levels by automatically downloading relevant articles on the basis of their popularity in your location or using your browsing history logs.

"Chrome's goal is to make the web work well for everyone, everywhere". This feature will be soon available in India. In India, this exponential growth in the number of first-time Internet users has been achieved with the help of development in 4G LTE infrastructure thanks to a certain carrier, widespread availability of cheap 4G-ready devices and other factors. You will get an update option there through which you can access offline chrome.

The relevant articles will be those that are most popular based on your location. For this, you can go to play store and search for Chrome.

If the data saver mode on, Google Chrome will only download content which is assumed to be relevant.