Google begins posting Nexus images for the Android 7.0 Nougat update


According to the Android Beta program site, you'll then receive Android's regular over-the-air updates once the program ends.

Apart from bundling a whole bunch of new content for Android - including all the new emoji from the unicode 9 standard, support for 100 new languages and multilingual options, new accessibility features and a simplified Android for Work toggle - Nougat changes the way Android works in several fundamental ways.

You can also get access to your most used quick notifications directly from the top of the notifications shade, without having to pull the drawer all the way down. This is something that has to be put in the back seat for some time. (For example, Marshmallow MR1 landed in December 2015, MR2 in April 2016 - both were Android 6.0.1.) Sometimes these have involved new API levels (and new features for developers to use), and a new Android version number - for example in Android 5.0 to 5.1.

Moving on to the next feature, the stock Android interface well now support axis of multiple windows at the same time on the screen. "At the same time, we're pushing the Android 7.0 source code to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), extending public availability of this new version of Android to the broader ecosystem", it wrote. Hence now playing videos and typing messages to your friends in WhatsApp will now not be hard for you to do at the same time.

The source code for Android 7.0 is also being uploaded. Termed as those on the go, this feature will be able to push the future to some really good limits. This will be under the project Svelte. The first Nougat maintenance update is already in process, and Google will make it available as a developer preview prior to release. Also the dates of the releases of this operating system to various different mobile phones will also be declared on our website.