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Giant Rooster Inflated Behind The White House

A Halloween costume retailer is featuring a semi-do-it-yourself way to get the look of the Trump-esque inflatable chicken

The chicken was a sign of protest by Taran Singh Brar, who told The Huffington Post that he bought the balloon for $1,300. He requested a permit for his inflatable bird and hopes that the poultry will encourage others to come together to do a chicken march. The angry-looking chicken has golden-orange hair and hand gestures in Trump's style.

Livestream images of the giant chicken were shared all throughout social media. Online retail website Ebay reportedly lists several available Trump chickens, with a 10-foot chicken hailing from China going for almost $500.

CBS notes the organizers of the Tax Day March used the inflatable in cities across the country earlier this year to urge the president to release his tax returns. Trump, however, has missed the chicken protest as he has been staying at his golf course in Bed minster, New Jersey. The chicken is a replica of a statue that was originally showcased in a Chinese mall.

Today's D.C. chicken was perched midway between the Washington Monument and the White House, with no explanation or note attached.

The inflatable, which was originally created in China last year to celebrate the Year of the Rooster, made headlines after it was compared to the newly elected US President.

Brar listed Trump's unwillingness to release tax returns, stand up to Vladimir Putin and dealing with North Korea as his prime examples. It seems Donald, Melania, and Barron missed the view of the inflatable chicken from the White House window.