Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Download Date Revealed


The closest thing to a free demo of Wildlands will be available for everyone to play next weekend, with the open beta set to run from Thursday, February 23 until Sunday, February 27. Apparently it's snowy. If you're interested in Wildlands now's the time to gussy up three friends.

We reported on the closed beta here, and were generally impressed with the game.

The open beta includes everything featured in the closed beta, although a new region called Montuyoc is now available.

As a reward for playing the Beta, you will unlock access to an exclusive mission for the full game - the Unidad Conspiracy mission, in which players will spark a war between the Unidad, a local corrupt militia group, and the Santa Blanca cartel.

As previously reported, the open beta will also introduce a not one, but two provinces among the 21 included in the final game.

They can, of course, jump right into Montuyoc if they wish but it sounds unwise.

Prospective players will be able to try out Ghost Recon: Wildlands in its open beta before deciding to purchase the full game. Ghost Recon: Wildlands then launches in full on 7th March 2017. Players are tasked with overthrowing the violent Santa Blanca Cartel who have seized control of the area.

Ubisoft also announced its recommended PC specs for Ghost Recon Wildlands today, and it looks to be quite the demanding title, with recommended video cards including Nvidia's GeForce GTX 970 and AMD's R9 290X to play the game on High quality at 1080p. This gives players five days to enjoy the open beta.