'Get ready Russia': Trump tweets Syria missile threat

A child is treated in a hospital in Douma eastern Ghouta in Syria after what a Syria medical relief group claims was a suspected chemical attack April 7 2018

The U.S. -Russia tension runs high over the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, while the U.S. seems banging the drums of war in Syria using the same old pretext of chemical weapons.

Ms Bishop said Australia would support action by the United States that was "targeted, calibrated and proportionate".

Alastair W.M. Hay, a professor of toxicology at Leeds University in England, told the Post the look of the bodies "is pretty much consistent with a nerve-agent-type exposure".

The U.S. has a number of actions in responding to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, but it's a more hard challenge than "just kind of firing ready, aim here", said CBS News Radio military analyst Mike Lyons.

"If you took the decision to carry out an illegal military adventure - and we do hope that you will come to your senses - well then you will have to bare responsibility for it", said Nebenzia.

The United Nations Security Council rejected a counter resolution drafted by Russian Federation on investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Regime ally Moscow said it would propose a United Nations resolution on a "transparent and honest" investigation with the OPCW's involvement.

President Trump put Syria and Russian Federation on notice Wednesday morning, promising that missiles fired at Syria "will be coming, nice and new and 'smart!'" - while also telling the Kremlin that it should not partner with a "Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!"

"They are and we will be helping al Qaida if we help them to do a sustained military campaign against the brutal Assad regime". The Syrian government has denied the accusations.

The OPCW has an ongoing mandate to investigate suspected chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

"They agreed that the global community needed to respond to uphold the worldwide prohibition on the use of chemical weapons".

"We urge Russian Federation not to stand in the way into an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria", she said. The Kremlin said on Wednesday it hoped all sides involved in Syria would avoid doing anything that could destabilise an already fragile situation in the Middle East, and made clear it strongly opposed any USA strike on its ally.

Medical sources say dozens were killed in the alleged attack there, but exact numbers are impossible to verify.

Syria and Russian Federation have offered to coordinate with the authorities concerned over the inspection visit. Earlier, various official Russian agencies repeatedly warned that preparations had been in the works around different parts of Syria for provocations and simulations of chemical attacks that would be blamed on Damascus.