Get lost mom and dad! Amazon lets teens shop on their own

Ben Fox Rubin  CNET

Notably, kids can also access their parents' Prime membership at no extra cost as part of this setup. Though many college students may come from households that share a Prime Membership, the option for a reduced-price Prime Student membership could be an attractive one for students living on their own.

Amazon has introduced a new way for teenagers to shop on Amazon using a unique login., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) today unveiled a new way for teens to shop for the items they want all by themselves - with parents' approval, of course.

Teens using the service will also be able to include a personal note when making a purchase (for example: "This is a book I need for class"). Parents can approve all orders or set pre-approved spending limits per order - offering teens a customized level of autonomy that can change and grow as they do. The text message also tells parents to reply by typing in the letter "Y" to approve the transaction or to go to their orders page to review the purchase further. To get started, parents can visit

The parent and child each get their own Amazon account, however, the parent has the control over which payment methods and shipping addresses can be used by the child. Parents receive itemized notifications for every order and can cancel and return any item in accordance with Amazon's policies.

Looking at the bigger picture, the For Teens feature is another move by Amazon to bring younger, up-and-coming consumers into its ecosystem.

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