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German Parliament set to vote Friday on gay marriage

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a reception of the Economy Council of the German Christian Democratic Party in Berlin Germany Tuesday

German investments in the USA provide jobs for Americans, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday in a push for a free trade agreement.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives for a reception of the Economy Council of the German Christian Democratic Party in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

Ross's comments included renewed criticism of Germany's trade surplus with the USA, which President Donald Trump has used repeatedly to pillory Europe's biggest economy.

Merkel signalled her shifting position Monday in an on-stage interview with the editor of women's magazine Brigitte.

Wilbur Ross said at the end of May that he was open to continuing the TTIP negotiations (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

However, speaking just after Ross on Tuesday, Merkel used her speech to stress that the U.S. was a direct benefactor of German trade, saying that German investments in the United States were a major jobs creator for the country.

"My vision of globalisation is that in the global and interconnected world we need a rules-based trade system where all sides can win", Merkel said.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Ross spoke onscreen for about 20 minutes at an event hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party before organizers cut off his video feed.

In his remarks to the conference, Ross also mentioned pharmaceuticals, chemicals and transportation as other sectors in which the United States ran a particularly large deficit with the European Union, but said the two blocs should work together to tackle dumping by third countries.

The Trump administration sees "little point in negotiating treaties that will not be honored", he said.

SPD chancellor-candidate Martin Schulz, eager to close a yawning poll gap with front-runner Merkel, said "we will take her at her word" and broke coalition ranks to call for an immediate vote, backed by the Greens and Linke parties.

Trump campaigned on a protectionist platform and on a repeated mantra of "America first".

Ross repeated criticism against Germany's trade surplus with the US on Tuesday, saying his country would benefit from reworking the rules of the World Trade Organization, which he said helped exporters but hurt importers.