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Gay Village Serial Killer Gets Life Sentence for Murdering Eight Men

Gay Village Serial Killer Gets Life Sentence for Murdering Eight Men

McArthur has pleaded guilty to eight serial murders in Toronto, a lot of them with sexual elements.

He could have followed the Crown's recommendation and sentenced McArthur to life without parole eligibility for 50 years. But he added that even if McArthur sought parole at 91, the chances of his receiving it would be "very remote at best".

On Friday, Bruce McArthur, a 67-year-old landscaper and former mall Santa, was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years on eight counts of first-degree murder, ending a trial that shocked a city - and a country - that likes to see itself as inclusive and safe.

McArthur's confirmed victims, whom he murdered between 2010 and 2017, are Selim Esen, Andrew Kinsman, Majeed Kayhan, Dean Lisowick, Skandaraj Navaratnam, Soroush Mahmudi, Kirushna Kan withagaratnam, and Abdulbasir Faizi.

Yet a monster who stalked Toronto's gay village and preyed on eight of its most vulnerable gets a lighter sentence?

Serial killer Bruce McArthur is being sentenced Friday.

McMahon said he had no doubt that McArthur would have continued to kill if he weren't arrested by police previous year.

McArthur's string of murders has prompted an inquiry by a retired judge into how the Toronto police handle missing persons cases and whether their investigations are influenced by the sexuality or race of those who have vanished.

She said the punishment failed to either fit the crime or soothe the wounds of the community impacted by the men's deaths.

Toronto police and the trial did not reveal a motive.

"It is my hope that he will never again know freedom and that this sentence begins the hard journey of delivering justice to the victims of these crimes, their friends and families, our LGBTQ community, and our entire city", Tory said.

The main question surrounds the Chief's December 2017 statement that there was "no evidence of a serial killer" when we now know McArthur was on the radar and charged as serial killer just a month later.

Most of his victims were homeless, recent immigrants, or people of Middle Eastern or South Asian decent.

Kinsman had also marked "Bruce" in his diary on June 27, 2017 - the day he disappeared. Police later found a folder on McArthur's computer labelled with the man's name that contained images of him. Numerous photos were taken after their deaths, with the bodies of six of them posed with a fur coat and props.

In January 2018, police arrested McArthur on two counts of murder.

The court document said police uncovered a duffle bag containing duct tape, a surgical glove, rope, zip ties, a bungee cord, and syringes - evidence pointing to some of the victims being tied up, confined and sexually assaulted prior to their deaths.

Toronto police said they have no plans to release his mugshot. He was last seen leaving a village bar in September 2010.

Some of the victims' friends and family members were too overwhelmed by emotion to read their sentencing statements to the judge, and prosecutors took over.

Bezan cited the gruesome case of serial killer Clifford Olson, who pleaded guilty to murdering 11 children in 1982.

The last victim, Andrew Kinsman, was superintendent of McArthur's apartment building.