Gates, Gates, Cook made Clinton's VP list

Image Tim Cook Bill Gates

They included Tim Cook of Apple, philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, and Howard Schultz of Starbucks. Bernie Sanders and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg have in common?

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, left, and vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine at a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 29, 2016. In an email dated March 17 to Clinton, campaign chairman John Podesta also proposed the mega-billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, his wife Melinda and General Motors chief executive Mary Barra as possible Democratic vice presidents.

The list of possible vice presidential candidates has multiple familiar names, including those of Apple CEO Tim Cook, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Massachusetts Sen. "Congrats on a fabulous night", Podesta said, revealing how uncertain the Clinton campaign was about its ability to defeat a then-surging Sanders.

The list of 39 was organized into what was described as seven "rough food groups". The email followed Clinton's sweep of the March 15 Super Tuesday primary states of Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina that temporarily seemed to solidify the nomination for her campaign. Days earlier, Podesta and top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills met with Jim Hamilton, a veteran Washington lawyer, who had been a key behind-the-scenes member of the Clinton-Gore transition team. The Clinton campaign has yet to confirm the authenticity of any of the emails released by WikiLeaks.

"A little unseemly", he wrote.