GameStop Delays All-You-Can-Play Used Game Rental Program, PowerPass

Jose Cordova  GameStop

Customers who already bought the subscription will need to return their game and their pass to get a full refund.

Since then, GameStop itself has confirmed the delay, saying that it has made a decision to "temporarily pause" the PowerPass service due to "a few program limitations we have identified". "We feel this is the right thing to do for now to ensure we are able to provide our guests an exceptional service", a GameStop spokesperson told Kotaku.

PowerPass was an intriguing idea when it was first announced but GameStop's decision to put the program on pause may suggest the service hasn't been met with quite as much interest as they would have liked.

The service, which soft-launched this week at some locations, is called PowerPass. Kotaku's Jason Schreier reports that company employees said GameStop's computer system could not handle the stress of the PowerPass program, leading to what GameStop is calling a temporary setback rather than a full cancellation of the service.

With the ever-increasing rise in digital gaming, GameStop's PowerPass program could be an important pillar of the store's business.

GameStop's game subscription service is here, aaaand it's gone.

For now, buying games at GameStop requires old-fashioned monetary exchange. Additionally, they can pick out any used game to have for free-not a bad tradeoff. This would make a great deal of sense and lines up with the quiet soft-launch so far.

According to GameStop staff speaking with Kotaku, the company told employees yesterday to pull down all signage relating to the program and store them in their backrooms. According to GameStop's spokesperson, the company ran into several issues with the program in testing it for launch.