Game of Thrones "No One" Review (Season 6 Episode 8)


Game of Thrones has a history of doing some seriously heavy stuff in its ninth episode, so what do they have in store for the penultimate ep of season six? There are always a few of us who miss the Sunday night premiere of a new GoT episode. Be careful, spoilers will follow! With next week likely to be entirely devoted to Bastardbowl, we've only got one episode in Season 6 left to answer a lot of these questions. It's withholding episode descriptions for episodes 9 and 10, all in the name of secrecy.

Episode 7 of Season 6 is titled "The Broken Man". Another possible outcome could see one of the Greyjoy's arriving and defeating the Masters at sea and then giving the ships to Daenerys.

Who else can save the day for Jon and Sansa?

In fact, some fans are disappointed by the plot movements, as the whole Riverrun plotline dissolved into nothing, offering up nothing significant other than the death of the Blackfish and the dashing of Sansa Stark's hopes of a Tully army.

That's almost a whole minute of footage from "Battle of the Bastards", an episode that HBO somehow refuses to summarise as "Jon (Kit Harrington) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) face a great challenge". If that's true, that could mean trouble for Ramsay Bolton. We're pretty sure one or more houses will betray Ramsay, possibly the Manderlys, the richest house in the north, led by Lord Wyman Manderly, who is actually plotting against the Boltons in the A Song of Ice and Fire book series.

A Stark is probably going to die.


The character may have been shown to be a "weak king" in "Game of Thrones" Season 6, but the producer said that the king is "not an idiot".

Jaime used his brain and releases Edmund Tulley to gain siege of the castle but I'm really disappointed that he didn't show compassion and join up with the Tulley's to help the Stark army in next week's Battle of the Bastards.

Davos will find out what happened to Shireen. "They can go hide under the rock they live smh".

Having set the record for the most wins in one year at last year's ceremony, it's clear that HBO and the team behind "Game of Thrones" are gunning for even more glory this year with a ridiculous amount of submissions across thirteen categories.