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Gallup poll: Trump's approval rating hits new low, 37%

Donald Trump

Trump was referring to a new Gallup poll showing that his approval ratings have dropped to 37%, his lowest point yet since taking office.

President Donald Trump's approval rating hits a new low, according to a poll.

A daily survey in the United States has found President Donald Trump's approval rating has dropped to 37 per cent, while his disapproval rating's risen to 58 per cent.

In the HuffPost/YouGov survey, voters who backed Hillary Clinton in last year's election say by an overwhelming 87-point margin, 91 percent to 4 percent, that Trump is not respected.

New polls show that President Donald Trump is historically unpopular with all voters and especially with younger voters.

Trump's approval may have been hurt by disclosures that his pick for national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had misled Vice President Mike Pence about his contact with Russia's ambassador to the USA, who is considered by US intelligence to be a spy.

Trump may also be losing the confidence of the American people after peddling some outrageous lies that have seriously undermined his credibility.

Trump's numbers are fairly high among Republicans, with 88 percent approving of the job he's doing. Trump had a 45% approval rating on 11 March and a 49% disapproval rating.

Far more people are demanding an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the election campaign than Trump's claims that President Obama "wiretapped" Trump Tower.

According to Gallup, Barack Obama, Trump's predecessor, regularly polled approval ratings in the low 50s and throughout March 2016 his disapproval ratings were in the mid-40s.

CNN President Jeff Zucker called Trump's attacks on the network "a badge of honor" for his employees in February.