Galaxy Note 10 vs Galaxy S10+: What We Know So Far

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0

While we've seen various reports claiming that the Note 10 will or will not have a headphone port, we can't say for sure if the phone will have a 3.5mm headphone jack even after looking at the phone's renders.

Highly anticipated: We've known Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 is coming for some time now. Today is the day we get to see both the Black version of the device and the version that's apparently called "Silver", though you'll probably see it as more of a cool colors gradient. The same renders were also leaked by another credible source WinFuture.

We're seeing hints of at least two different Galaxy Note 10's, and one could have a massive 6.75-inch display. Wishful thinking, or is there still another variant on the way? The three camera sensors are slightly elevated off of an otherwise-flat rear. The differences come in display size and EXTRA cameras/sensors on the back. If you're thinking that this sounds very familiar, you'd be right. So instead of it slotting into a silo like it does on the Galaxy Note smartphones, it may attach to the back, magnetically, and sit flush (or close to it).

Basically, the lack of bezels at the top and the bottom, more cameras, a bigger screen and no rear fingerprint scanner is what makes the design so great, and they're almost identical. This investment of as much as $21.6 million (25 billion KRW) is aimed at a Vietnam-based plant nearly exclusively for ToF sensors. Now, the tablet market is preparing to face a new challenge in the form of the foldable phone/tablet.

Moving to the sides of the device, it is impossible to tell from the pictures whether the S6 supports a headphone jack or physical buttons - however as we know, Samsung made a decision to move away from these on the upcoming Note 10.

At the rear, the Galaxy Note 10+ has a quad-camera setup, with one of those cameras being a 3D ToF sensor.