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Funeral for slain Dallas Police Sgt. Michael Smith

A firework goes off in the middle of Interstate 94 during a Black Lives Matter protest in Minnesota Rex Features

The shooting came at the end of a peaceful protest by hundreds against the two recent police killings of black men Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

A few hundred people attended the Catholic funeral service at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church in the suburb of Farmers Branch for Smith.

Michael Smith was one of five Officers killed during an ambush in Dallas, Texas.

A Dallas police chaplain pays his respects to Senior Cpl. "This is what Brent would want us to do".

"Katrina you were his co-worker", he said as got choked up. "We wanted to make the statement that law enforcement and our community are grieving with them".

He called on people to submit their stories and ideas to

"We can not explain it", he said.

At mass for DPD Sgt. Michael Smith, Father Michael Forge tried to answer the question many ask at times like these: how could God let this happen?

But Obama also said the "bad news" was that making progress is hard.

"It's been very uplifting for us, a morale booster", he said.

Mayor Shawn Hogan is scheduled to attend. From the administration, Attorney General Loretta Lynch joined the president in the meeting. They arrested one suspect on the scene and then tracked down two others.

"We're there to support the family members and let them know they're not going to be forgotten and that we appreciate their sacrifices they have given", he said. When it comes to shootings by police, "they can't be right every time", he said. He "not only was he bigger in physical stature but his personality, his heart and his enthusiasm for police work... and his devotion to his family were all larger than life".

The memorial service for the 48-year-old was held at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Police officers in their formal attire visited the memorial held at The Potter's House, a popular church whose clergy's main authority is Bishop T.D. Jakes. "Brent was a son, a brother, an uncle and an all-around phenomenal guy", Emily Thompson, Officer Brent Thompson's widow said at the service. She and Thompson had recently married. "The evil one did this", he told her.

Smith, a 25-year forced veteran, was a former Army Ranger, who left behind another daughter, 14-year-old Victoria, and wife Heidi.

His colleagues told law enforcement officers from as far away as Canada that Ahrens was a "supersized can of kickass" who was a voracious reader with an intelligence that was equal to his size.

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